For Whom the Fed-Ex Man Tolls…

December 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Two items arrived for me yesterday, arguably in preparation for the New Year. I am not really all that into resolutions, since they never stick. But I thought some new sneaks would get more use if I had a new swimsuit to get myself into:

And an impending trip to Warmer Climes requires that I get into those sneaks stat. But first, I think I’ll finish the last few pages of my book, then I’ll need to tidy up a bit, and then I have lunch with friends…but after that, yes, fitness.


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Upon Further Consideration…

November 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

A few opinion reversals for the day:

1) Moda Operandi isn’t that great after all. (See “Have I mentioned” and then forget about it.) The MBA in me says that the model isn’t very sustainable, since you always need “new” trunk shows and let’s face it:  there are only so many seasons — and desirable designers — in a year. And, THEY ALL SHOW AT THE SAME TIME. There is also a taste level that seems to be quickly disappearing and the idea of having to wait for a few more months before I can use up a credit on something that I returned is kind of a bummer. Also, their operations are a little “eh”. Stick with Net-a-Porter.

2) I am warming up to the Middleton Hosiery Principal. I think we are going to start seeing more and more covered legs and it might not be the worst thing in the world. I plan to start with sheer dark ones…at least that is a nod to YSL in its heyday.

3) Dresses for day in Fall and Winter: I used to avoid, but am finding it to be not too impossible so far. More to come on this one.

And that is all I have this morning.


Making it Stick

October 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Friends were staying with us this weekend and since the weather was playing ball today, we decided to head over to the beach for a little walk. I had not been to the beach in probably six or seven weeks, which is nuts, since it takes less than five minutes to drive there. I was discussing the insanity of this with my friend as we were walking and I found myself saying “I’d like to be the kind of person who gets herself to the beach on weekend mornings for some head clearing, but “stuff” gets in the way”.

Some hours later I am sitting here wondering, aside from illness or bad weather, what on earth is all this “stuff” that is keeping me from a place I love so much. And I have come to the conclusion that it isn’t the stuff, it is just that I haven’t tried to Make it Stick. Lots of things are like that with me, so I am going to start with this one and see how things go. Care to join me?


(Photo: Some Cozy Night)

First Cozy Night

December 30, 2010 § 2 Comments

Let’s start at the beginning:  I am just recovering from The Holidays, with a week off from work. The Husband and I actually close our company each year at this time in order to get some proper peace and quiet. And that little New York Blizzard ensured that it has indeed been terribly quiet. Not a bad thing, once you get into it. So now that I have read several books and all of the slim tomes that are the January magazines (except Art in America…why can’t I ever actually read that one??), slept as late and often as my terriers and conscience will allow me to, and deeply thought about doing some pilates, I began to consider the suggestion of a friend that I write a little newsletter on varying topics. And today I thought: “why not?”

The request was in response to an email I sent around last week on pant lengths. (Vital information that I may post soon-ish for good measure.) So you can rest assured that nothing too serious shall be found here.

Given the date, I suppose a word or two on resolutions and plans for 2011 is suitable. While my standard resolution of late has been to simply have more fun, I would like to add the following:

1) We all know most of the resolutions won’t stick, but do try to see your friends as often as possible. If I were still working in Corporate America and giving myself a review, this would be a “Development Area” for me.

2) After you have taken down the holiday decorations,  get some paperwhites or other fragrant flowering plants into the house. Put them in places where you will see and smell them. They make the Day-to-Day less dreary for practically no effort.  (Note: Eliminating Dreariness is especially important for those of us that live in culturally-fabulous but weather-deficient areas.)

3) Clean your make-up brushes. If you have time to read this, you probably can stop for five minutes and do this often neglected task. Another Development Area for me, but I might actually practice what I preach when I finish this post.

4) Have more fun!


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