One Last Hurrah…

August 29, 2013 § 2 Comments


Oh my goodness! How did it get to be the beginning of Labor Day Weekend? (AKA: The End of Summer.) I know that it was busy, but really, this one went way too fast. Thankfully, I think we made the most of it, especially over these last couple of weeks. So, before we start thinking about fall and Fashion Week and All That Work We Need to Do, some last bits of summer, which in my book is at its best by the beach…

One of my favorite things about the season is the flowers — I know, this is not new information. And I especially love these particular roses when they greet me each day…


The Village Improvement Society’s Annual Geranium Planting (I am not kidding about this, even though it sounds very Star’s Hollow) makes dog walks* a little bit more inviting in the morning, when I pretty much don’t want to be walking at all.


Also making dog walks and other activities more enjoyable is our town itself, which I find to be quite charming. Pierre’s is our year-round spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and the best fries around), and the library next door is very high on the Adorable Factor, as is their library card, of which I am a proud holder. (But I am pretty sure I owe them a late fee for a Mary McCarthy biography. I feel bad about that…I really do. But somehow, I still haven’t made it back in to pay it. I think it is shame that is keeping me away.)



And then there is the beach. I don’t think there is a better place to take a nap than on a beach. And nap I did this summer. Quite a bit. This was my typical view when I woke up from one of said naps…


Unless I was opted for the shade of our beach camp…


And sometimes, after napping, walking would happen. I know, everyone says it, but that is because it is true: A walk on the beach clears the mind, lifts the spirits and sometimes gives you ideas for interior design projects. (OK, that last part is probably just me.)




(And this shell below has me thinking of all sorts of masculine colors for our kitchen project….but that is for another post.)


Then there is eating. One of my favorite things to do. Ina always talks about them, but this place really is yummy…


As is Navy Beach, which has been GOOP-ed, but I like to think that I knew about it first…



If only they were a little more forthcoming about the availability of tables outside…


Not that I am complaining. Well, actually, I am. Seriously, that was just a few of the open tables outside. Grrr.

Anyway, one thing I could never complain about is Mr. H’s annual Birthday Dinner with our dearest friends. As always, this was one was excellent — and included doughnuts from Dough!


Naturally, this kind of eating requires a little more movement than just rolling over on my beach towel. So, I did attempt a jog or two and either I hallucinated it, or there is an amazing cobweb in this photo that I cannot see. If you can, I am very happy for you.


And just in case you were concerned, A+O also had a very restful summer, including lots of time on the down cushions of our sofa. This does not please me, but they are so darn cute that I let it slide…


And this year, we had an extra fun treat in the form of a fantastic sail on the most lovely boat…


I am not a sailor, but I think this one is pretty “yar”. (Watch The Philadelphia Story, please.)



So, even though I hate to see it go, I think that we did summer quite well this year, and hope you did same. And don’t forget to savor this long weekend — whatever your plans may be. I will probably still be napping and eating, if only for the sake of consistency.


* In all fairness, Mr. H performs this duty far more frequently than I do. But, I am the one on teeth brushing and managing their schedules. Yes, they have schedules because parts of my life are ridiculous.

(Photos: Some Cozy Night and Mr. H)

It Gets Worse and It Gets Better…

August 8, 2013 § Leave a comment

So, this was a rather crap week for me, but in all fairness, I must make note of the following things:

– We are having some seriously lovely weather this week

– Mr. H, my other family members & fantastic friends (also family to me) are always on my side*

– I scored some Goldfrapp tickets for their show in September (,

– I CANNOT WAIT to watch my excellent and cheery Nephew devour his 2nd Birthday Cake this weekend, and

– A-Dog never ceases to be adorably odd:


So, as I always like to tell myself, when things are feeling all wrong, try to remember how much is really quite fine.


* Except when I suggest to Mr. H that we get a small monkey. Can’t blame the man, though.

(Photo of A-Dog looking out a glass pane into the rest of the office: Mr. H. Any chance he’ll learn to code?)

A Quickie: The Urban Animal Scientist

June 24, 2013 § Leave a comment

Another dog post, but my monsters are turing four next month and I find that after a few years (or minutes), their things need replacement. This summer appears to be The Year of the Collar & Lead. And not unlike bathing suit cover-ups, good ones are hard to find! My new favorites are from The Urban Animal Scientist and even if you don’t have a dog — but wish that you did — take five and give these fantastic photos a gander:

I have a feeling that these are owner and canine shots…all parties seem to connected (or “all in each others energy” as a passerby said to me about A+O recently) in a kind of sweet way.

Happy Monday!


Have I Mentioned?? Dog Edition

June 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

If you have dogs, you know the value of a good dog wipe. After many, many years of trying different brands — and the extinction of my last favorite — I believe I have found ones that are even better. In fact, I am just going to go there: These are the best!

photoSome may argue that they are over-packaged, but the individual packets are perfect for one-the-go dog clean-up and keep the whole lot of them from drying out. (Clorox Wipes, anyone?) And they smell heavenly — a nice clean lavender scent that just makes slightly-less-than-clean dogs smell a whole lot better. Like!

Hearban Essentials Wipes can be purchased at and at, which also sells my very favorite shampoo for my little monsters.


(Photo: Some Cozy Night)



Out with the Old, Except

December 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

It is one of our last nights before a new year and before we must going back to the city and to work. The end of the year or a vacation always puts me in mind of “What’s Next?”. What is next at work? What’s on the social calendar? What new things will I learn? What things do I never want to think of again? And what things do I want to stay just as they are?

I think I’ve covered enough of most of these topics, except one thing I hope always stays the same: A-dog’s love of television. Since he was a puppy, this canine has intently watched everything from reruns of The West Wing to every episode of Breaking Bad. He also loves movies, including Malcolm X. (I am not joking. He was really into that one, making two Spike Lee fans in the house.)

At any rate, tonight his attention was a tad torn, since A-dog also loves watching the fire. So he was sort of watching it while watching The Hour* with careful body positioning. Got to love a dog who manages to make it all work, even when he is pulled in different directions. Perhaps that will be one of my New Things to Try in 2013.

Happy New Year!


* Have you been watching The Hour? It is on the BBC and it is pretty good. Less dramatic than Mad Men, and also less beautifully directed, but still a good one.

(Photo: Some Cozy Night)


October 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

Did you know that October is national Adopt-a-Dog Month? I did not until just a few minutes ago, and wanted to share my own adoption story with you:

This is a photo of our Magnificent M, our first Cairn and the first dog I adopted from a shelter. He had been returned twice for having a less than stellar temperament, but when we met, I got the feeling that we were going to get along just fine. It wasn’t even really a decision on my part — his whole attitude seemed to be “let’s get out of here…we’ve got better things to do”.

And we did.

M was a part of our family for over 13 years and I wish I had another 13 with him. He most certainly had his issues, but I kept him safe and happy and he returned the favor with unfailing love and general Dog-ness, which is a pretty wonderful thing.

So what can I say that I haven’t said before? Adopt and change a few lives for the better.


(Photo: Mr. H)

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